About Us

That’s a great introduction about us ! our company effectively communicates your passion for music and your commitment to supporting independent artists and labels. It covers your areas of expertise and your global reach. If you’d like to add a unique touch, you could consider incorporating a tagline or a mission statement that captures the essence of our company’s vision.

“At the core of our music company beats the rhythm of Maithili, Bhojpuri, Hindi, and Nepali, resonating with the souls of our listeners, bridging cultures through the universal language of music.”

“Our mission is to empower artists to attain self-sufficiency, nurturing their success through unwavering authenticity, imaginative innovation, and boundless passion. Simultaneously, we aspire to amplify the reach of Maithili language songs on the global stage, while supporting and advancing artists from diverse linguistic backgrounds, including Maithili, Bhojpuri, Nepali, Hindi, and beyond, in their creative journeys.”

“Our vision is to bring about a significant change in the music industry by providing music services beyond borders. We also give people the freedom to enjoy music everywhere and at any time. Our goal is to create such Create a world where music knows no boundaries, and everyone can enjoy music whenever they want, taste the power of sound.”We aspire to create a realm where music becomes a borderless companion, enhancing lives and making the world resonate with the joy of melody.

                                 ABOUT COMPANY

“Sangam Series, located in Jhanjharpur, Bihar, is a dynamic production house. We specialize in music, song composition, film production, VFX, animation, film editing, sound design, and impactful audio-video ads. Our passion for creativity and technology knows no bounds. Join us to embark on limitless creative journeys.”

In summary, our music company is a multifaceted entity that serves as a bridge between artists and their audience. It provides essential support, resources, and expertise to help artists succeed in the highly competitive and dynamic music industry.